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United States of America - New Jersey:

United States of America - New Jersey : OUTSIDE IN AND INSIDE OUT
Story Reference: JL-NJ   Total Images: 53   Photographer: Jeff Kwan / Yoav Levy
This 2-story single-family house is situated in a secluded, wooded hilly lot in Northern New Jersey where all sorts of wildlife are abundant. The house blends into nature flawlessly with a sleek contemporary flavor. The designer gutted the house after acquiring the property. She wanted to extend the excitements one would find in the splendid nature and invites its key elements like earth, stone, ocean, waterfall, and river into the house. She wants to create an exciting experience that visitors will not know where their eyes shall stay first when they come in through the main door. Follow through the "Outside In and Inside Out" concept is the water theme ingeniously applied to the space with calming and subtle changing hues of glittering ocean water. Luxury and comfort are not spared, though. For instance, one can enjoy the high-tech spa with color therapy behind the saltwater aquarium (as a low dividing wall and see-through from both sides) while connect her/himself to the rocky and grassy back yard embraced by woods. The designer has chosen high-end materials and finishes like name brand top of the line products Sienna Lighting, Kohler whirlpool, Hansgrohe fixture, and Duravit toilet just to name a few. Sleek and modern custom build-ins and custom furniture wrapped by ebony stained cheery veneer are part of the contemporary design. A friend who recently visited the designer house concluded this way: "it,s a fully functioned and resort home one can savor the best of what nature has to offer while enjoying the process of one's spiritual cleansing."