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Eden Project,Bodelva,St Austell,Cornwall -Tropical biome
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Arcaid / ArgusPhoto
Eden Project, Bodelva, St Austell, Cornwall -Tropical biome, 2000, 2000's, 2000s, millennium, contemporary, 21st century, airy, alien, architectural, architecture, tourist attraction, tourist attractions, biomes, biomorphic, bizarre, Britain, British, bubble shaped, bubbles, bubbly, building, buildings, visitor centers, visitor centres, circular, close up, close-up, conservation, conservatories, conservatory, construction, copy space, Cornish, curiosity, curious, curved, curvy, ecological design, detail, details, dome, domed, domes, eco, eco-tourism, ecological design, ecotourism, energy efficiency, energy efficient, energy saving, engineering, South-West England, English, low environmental impact, ETFE, Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene, European, exterior, exteriors, external, extraordinary, fanciful, futuristic, garden, gardens, geo-desic, geodesic, geometric, geometrical, green, greenhouse, greenhouses, hemi-spherical, hemisphere, hemispherical, hexagonal, hi-tech, high tech, high-tech, information, interesting, light, lightweight, low energy, low impact, low-impact, modern, museum, museums, natural forms, nature reserves, organic, outside, park, parks, place of interest, places of interest, plants, plastic, pods, protected, quirky, reflection, reflections, reflective, round, sci-fi, science fiction, sinuous, South Cornwall, space age, space-age, species, St. Austell, strange, structural, structure, structures, style, sustainability, sustainable, the environment, translucency, translucent, U.K, UK, undulating, United Kingdom, unusual, visitor attraction, visitor attractions, wavy, weird, zoomorphic, environmental complex, Sir Nicholas Grimshaw, Sir Nicholas Grimshaw, partners, architects