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153-AYJE49 - Rights-Managed
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GB - LONDON: Tower Bridge and HMS Belfast
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Alamy / ArgusPhoto
GB - LONDON: Tower Bridge and HMS Belfast, Gb, -, London:, Tower, Bridge, Hms, Belfast, Nag003002, Europe, Europa, Great, Britain, United, Kingdom, Uk, England, London, Night, Evening, Nighttime, Nite, Lit, Up, Calendar, Tourist, Attraction, Tourism, Edit, Editorial, Celebration, Happy, New, Year, Fireworks, Firework, Illuminated, Illumination, Unusual, Different, Transport, Ship, Boat, Light, River, Themse, Thames, Museum, Navy, Military, Reflection, Water, Festive, English, British, City, Scene, Metropolis, Metropole, Metropolitan, At, By, Years, Concept, Subject, Image, Festivity, Season, Bank, Holiday, With, Over, Above, Location, Angle, View, Seen, From, Embankment, Viewed, Heritage, Sightseeing, Tour, On, Motor, Vessel, Travel, Destination