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Father and young daughter drawing in kitchen
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PhotoAlto / ArgusPhoto


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Father and young daughter drawing in kitchen, explanation, early learning, attentiveness, parenthood, dad, one parent, family with one child, parents, little girl, mid adult person, two people, preschool age children, 35-39 years, 4-5 years, mid-adult man, childhood, attention, involvement, family life, concentration, imagination, togetherness, domestic life, leisure, bonding, home interior, creativity, encouragement, fatherhood, kitchen counter, felt tip pen, paper, casual clothes, colored pencil, indoors, day, teaching, creative, looking, explaining, listening, showing, concentrating, imaginative, interested, attentive, helping, engrossed, encouraging, together, front view, waist up, selective focus, late 30s, freetime, spare time, paternity, domestic lifestyle, home life, countertop, fathers, dads, daughters, explanations, mid adults, little girls, preschool age children, mid-adult men, two persons, mid-adults, families with one child, kitchens, home interiors, colored pencils, felt tips, papers, felt pens, casual clothing, kitchen counters, assisting, homes, kid, late 30's, two individuals, late thirties, preschool age child, focusing, praising, daytime, praise, recognition, quality time, participation, informal clothing, casualwear, family with single child, waist-up, coloured pencil, felt-tip, kids, coloured pencils, felt-tips, informal clothes, countertops, imaginations, families of three, listen, listens, helps, concentrate, concentrates, explain, explains, draw, draws, teach, teaches, young girl, age 4-5, age 35-40, from the front, daylight, creatively, bonds, involved, participating, casual apparel, casually dressed, informal wear, family of three, differential focus, casual wear, mid adult man, mid adult men, mid-adult person, indoor, day-time, photoalto
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