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Two office workers outside talking
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Two office workers outside talking, 30-34 years, bonding, break, business attire, businessman, businesswoman, caucasian, city life, co-worker, communication, confidence, day, england, enjoying, europe, western european, face to face, flirting, happy, holding, humor, jacket, laughing, leaning, london, low angle view, lunch-hour, business man, mid adult, modern, mouth open, networking, newspaper, on the move, outdoors, two people, relationship, shirt and tie, smiling, staircase, standing, business suit, urban, waist up, business woman, working, 2, 30's, 30-35, 30-40, 30s, 35-40, amusing, apparel, appreciating, associate, bliss, businesspeople, capital, chatting, cheerful, clothes, clothing, colleague, comedy, communicating, contemporary, conversation, conversing, current, daylight, daytime, delight, delighted, dialog, dialogue, discussing, enjoyment, enterprise, executive, exterior, fellow, female, flirtation, funny, gaiety, gal, garment, gentleman, glad, gleeful, gratifying, guy, hilarious, human being, humour, jolly, journal, joy, lady, laughter, lighthearted, lunch hour, lunchtime, male, meal, merry, metropolitan, network, news, outdoor, outerwear, periodical, person, pleasing, pleasure, publication, rejoicing, relishing, satisfaction, smile, speaking, stair, stairway, steps, talker, thirties, thirty, toiling, up-to-date, waist-up, wit, women, work, bonded, breaks, businessmen, businesswomen, caucasians, co-workers, communications, days, enjoy, enjoys, enjoyed, enjoyable, flirt, flirts, flirted, flirtatious, happiness, hold, holds, held, horizontally, horizontals, humorous, jackets, laugh, laughs, laughed, laughingly, lean, leans, leaned, leant, men, man's, men's, mid adults, networks, networked, networkings, newspapers, photographic, relationships, smiles, smiled, staircases, stood, business suits, suited, talk, talks, talked, women's, woman's, works, worked, amuse, amuses, amused, amusement, appreciate, appreciates, appreciated, appreciation, appreciations, appreciative, associates, blissful, blissfully, blissfulness, cheerfulness, clothed, comedies, communicate, communicates, communicated, converse, converses, conversed, conversations, delights, delighting, dialogs, dialogues, discuss, discusses, discussed, enterprises, fellows, females, flirtations, funnily, gaily, gaieties, gals, garments, gentlemen, gladly, gladness, gleefulness, gleefully, gratify, gratifys, gratified, gratification, gratifications, guys, humans, beings, humourous, jollies, jollied, journals, joyful, joyous, ladies, lightheartedly, lightheartedness, males, meals, merriment, periodicals, persons, pleased, rejoice, rejoices, rejoiced, relished, satisfy, satisfied, satisfying, satisfies, speak, speaks, spoken, stairs, step, talkers, toil, toils, toiled, twos, witty
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