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Friends Drinking Wine at Home,Korea
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Friends Drinking Wine at Home, Korea, adult 20s, 20s, twenties, young men, 20s adult, twentysomething, four, 4, living room, family room, toasting, clinking glasses, skoal, asian people, asian americans, asian ethnicity, smiles, people, person, human, humans, persons, human being, sofa, couch, settee, couches, alcohol, liquor, brandy, alcoholic, alcoholics, alcoholic beverage, alcoholic drink, indoor, indoors, inside, sitting, seated, sit, sit down, sitting down, woman, female, women, females, beverage, drink, drinks, beverages, food, chair, chairs, seat, seats, young woman, young female, young adult woman, young women, fun, cheer, joyous, enjoyment, joy, enjoying, pleasure, pleased, joyful, delight, carefree, cheerfulness, elated, elation, enjoy, enjoyable, jean, blue jeans, blue jean, bluejeans, jeans, bluejean, classmate, friend, friends, pals, wine, with wine, wines, wine glass, white wine glass, wineglass, wineglasses, wine glasses, korean, koreans, mobile phone, pcs phone, pcs telephone, cellular phone, cell phone, cellular phones, mobile phones, mobile telephone, cell telephone, cellphone, cellular telephone